Prelios SGR

Prelios SGR
More than years of advanced know-how, 30 funds, approximately € 4 billion AuM, multiple international awards and acknowledgements
Prelios SGR is the fund management company of Prelios Group.
Set up in 2003, Prelios SGR is one of the leading companies in the Italian real estate sector with 30 funds, including Tecla Fondo Uffici addressed to retail clients and listed at the MIV of the Milan Stock Exchange, and approximately € 4 billion Assets under Management.
Prelios SGR is also operating in the management and improvement of real estate assets in the public sector, with Fondo FIPRS (Fondo Immobiliare Pubblico Regione Siciliana) and Fondo Eridano, promoted by the Cremona province.
Prelios SGR has enlarged its portfolio with 12 new real estate funds in last two years, including: PAI “Parchi Agroalimentari Italiani”, for investments in areas and properties destined to projects for the enhancement of Italian wine and food excellence, by which will be realized FICO - Eataly World project, which has already won several international awards, and ASCI “Abitare Sostenibile Centro Italia”, for investment in social housing in central Italy, which includes, among its investors, also CDPI SGR, on behalf of the FIA, in addition to funds whose investors are primary Italian Social Security Agencies.
The Company has received numerous acknowledgements, including winning the eminent IPD European Property Investment Awards for three years in a row. Furthermore, Prelios SGR also obtained ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification, issued by Certification Body IMQ, confirming the company’s relentless commitment to represent an international best practice.


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